Custom Badges

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Red Queen specialises incustom badges .It can be   a single personalised badge for a party or friend or  hundreds for corporate events. 

We treat every badge as a special item and take pride with our end product.

Promotional giveaways, funerals, special occasions, whatever the badge is used for .

We have no setup fees  and ensure there is a quick turnaround,which is typically 48 hours from the time the design has been finalised.

Designs are accepted as either high quality jpeg, pdf , bmps or eps files and these can be sent via email to

We can also send you our template to work from.

We always confirm email orders by return email  and will send you a preview of your badge so you can order with confidence.

Problems with design? we are happy to tweak or advise along the way as we have professional graphic designers and photo retouchers in house.

Red Queen reserves the right as regards offensive content on any custom orders.

  Quantity   32mm (standard)   55mm (large)  Designs allowed

1+                    $4.00                        $5.00                    1 design

5+                    $3.00                        $5.00                    1 design

10+                  $2.00                        $3.50                    1 design 

20+                  $1.95                       $2.90                    up to 2 different designs 

50+                  $1.80                        $2.80                    up to 3 different designs

100+                $1.70                        $2.70                   up to 4 different designs

200+                $1.60                        $2.60                   up to 6 different designs   

500+                $1.50                        $2.20                   up to 6 different designs

600+                $1.40                        $2.00                 up to 8 different designs

700+                $1.30                        $1.90                   up to 8 different designs

1000+              $1.10                        $1.80                  up to 8 different designs